Apparel & Footwear

Consumer demands in the footwear and apparel industry are constantly evolving and shifting. Fashions change quickly and without warning, trends can emerge overnight and the retailers bear the burden of adjusting. These rapid shifts in consumer expectations are compounded by seasonal fluctuations, unstable supply chains and unpredictable, exponential growth in fashion designs. All of this can lead to fractured and incomplete data that result in unreliable forecasts, markdowns and over/out of stock positions.

UTC RETAIL delivers a suite of solutions that enable apparel and footwear retailers to manage the various attributes of their products (colors, styles, lengths, widths, etc…) as well as market volatility. UTC RETAIL helps retailers improve key retail business operations such as demand planning, replenishment, inventory management (down to point of sale), customer service and promotions. No matter how quickly things change, UTC RETAIL helps footwear and apparel retailers stay one step ahead.

Solution Features:
•    Multi dimensional size grids
•    Unlimited user defined attributes
•    Pre-pack management
•    Special order handling & fulfillment
•    Alterations/embellishment support
•    Automated distribution and replenishment based on user defined models
•    Auto transfer recommendations
•    Manufacturers UPC Codes
•    Robust markdown management
•    Fully integrated Open2Buy
•    Analysis reporting at all levels e.g. dept/class/subclass/label/sku
•    Full integration to UTC RETAIL Merchant CRM & “no fee” Gift Card program
•    EDI Support

UTC RETAIL understands the complexities of being in the footwear and apparel industry.  With over 20 years experience providing  solutions to help retailers manage the short yet complex life cycles of their products, our solutions are flexible enough to support and adapt to the growth of your business. UTC RETAIL helps retailers achieve their business goals, remain competitive and grow in the evolving retail marketplace.

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