Hardgoods retailing can be as tough as the products sold. Retailers are challenged with keeping their store operations “lean and mean” while keeping their business profitable. Hardgoods retailers contend with a wide assortment of merchandise that has a variety of sales turnover, ranging from low-priced, fast moving items to higher priced products that have longer life spans, resulting in a significant stretch of time between replenishment cycles.

UTC RETAIL’s solutions provide hardgoods retailers with the right tools to keep a close eye on the broad range of merchandise carried. Robust functionality allows each product class to be managed according to its specific behaviors. Slow moving items can easily be identified and stocks can be cleared with promotions. Fast moving items benefit from automated replenishment, managing daily replenishment more efficiently for the large number of items typically found in hardgoods retail stores.

Solution Features:
•    Serialized inventory controls
•    Rental module
•    Service & Repair functionality
•    Unit of measure conversion
•    Automated distribution and replenishment based on user defined models
•    Auto transfer recommendations
•    Manufacturers UPC Codes
•    Robust markdown management
•    Fully integrated Open2Buy
•    Analysis reporting at all levels e.g. dept/class/subclass/label/SKU
•    Full integration to UTC RETAIL Merchant CRM & “no fee” Gift Card program
•    EDI support

UTC RETAIL understands the complexity of the hardgoods retail industry. With over 20 years experience providing solutions to the retail market, our product suite is designed to adapt and grow with hardgoods retailers’ unique needs. UTC RETAIL helps retailers achieve their business goals, remain competitive and grow in the evolving retail marketplace.

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