Specialty Retail

Specialty retailers cover a broad range of retail verticals in which they are considered to be the specialized experts. Specialty retailers are now sharing their once “unique” retail market space with competitors that have deep pockets, greater purchasing power and a wider range of products.

UTC RETAIL helps specialty retailers gain an edge by offering a full suite of solutions that address their unique market needs and enable them to continue offering competitive products and services, without being burdened by the overhead of sophisticated technology.  

Solution Features:

•    Cross sell /Up sell at the POS register
•    Unlimited user defined attributes
•    Special order handling & fulfillment
•    Full integration to UTC RETAIL Merchant CRM & “no fee” Gift Card program
•    Support for “kitting” (predefined or on demand)
•    Fully integrated Gift Registry
•    Fully integrated Open2Buy
•    Service and repairs functionality
•    Manufacturers UPC Codes
•    Serialized inventory controls
•    Analysis reporting at all levels e.g. dept/class/subclass/label/sku

UTC RETAIL understands the complexities of being in a specialized industry.  Being a “Specialty” vendor in the retail solutions arena for over 20 years, our solutions are designed to adapt and grow with specialty retailers unique needs. UTC RETAIL helps retailers achieve their business goals, remain competitive and grow in the evolving retail marketplace.

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