Sporting Goods

Sporting goods retailers can choose one of two paths to success: as a large chain stocking a wide variety of sporting equipment, apparel and other goods, or as a smaller specialty sporting goods retailer with the ability to cater to unique specialized sporting niches.
UTC RETAIL allows sporting goods retailers the ability to analyze data, act quickly on shifting consumer trends and offer higher quality service levels more often required by specialty sporting goods consumers.

UTC RETAIL provides retailers the tools to monitor the pulse of the industry, making sure your stores have the right product mix. UTC RETAIL solutions enable sporting goods retailers the ability to offer exceptional levels of customer service with quick access to customer purchase history.

Solution Features:
•    Unlimited user defined attributes
•    Special order handling & fulfillment
•    Fully integrated Open2Buy
•    Alterations/personalization support
•    Manufacturers UPC Codes
•    Cross sell /Up sell at the POS register
•    Analysis reporting at all levels e.g. dept/class/subclass/label/sku
•    Full integration to UTC RETAIL Merchant CRM & “no fee” Gift Card program
•    Automated distribution and replenishment based on user defined models
•    Support for “kitting” (predefined or on demand)
•    Auto transfer recommendations
•    Serialized inventory controls

UTC RETAIL understands the complexities of being in the sporting goods industry.  With over 20 years experience providing solutions to the retail market, our product suite is designed to adapt and grow with sporting goods retailers’ unique needs. UTC RETAIL helps retailers achieve their business goals, remain competitive and grow in the evolving retail marketplace.

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