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January 8, 2016: UTC RETAIL's Solutions Help Maui Nix to Ride the Omni-Channel Wave>

January 5, 2016: UTC RETAIL Introduces 3190 POS Touchscreen Workstation>

November 25, 2015: 2015 RIS News LeaderBoard Recognizes UTC RETAIL as Top Provider>

January 9, 2015:
UTC RETAIL Introduces 1170 POS Hardware Platform>

January 8, 2015: UTC RETAIL Offers Enhanced Omni-Channel Functionality>

December 12, 2014: UTC RETAIL Recognized as Top 20 Provider>

November 6, 2014: UTC RETAIL Named #1 in Rochester Top 100

September 17, 2014: Lenox Improves Efficiencies With UTC RETAIL>

December 13, 2013: UTC Again Named Top Software Provider>

February 7, 2013: UTC Named One of the Best Places to Work>

January 15, 2013: UTC RETAIL Introduces 3170 POS Workstation>

January 11, 2013: AMC Selects UTC as POS Hardware Provider>

January 10, 2013: UTC RETAIL Introduces ReadyStore>

December 6, 2012: UTC RETAIL Recognized as Top 20 Vendor>

May 24, 2012: UTC RETAIL Debuts Enhanced Mobile Application>

March 22, 2012: UTC RETAIL Introduces Enhanced Cross Channel>

December 9, 2011: UTC RETAIL Leader in Customer Satisfaction>

October 28, 2011: UTC RETAIL Introduces New Visions Analytics>

August 26, 2011:  Honey Farms Selects UTC RETAIL>

June 23, 2011: Cherry Hill Photo's New POS is Picture Perfect>

March 15, 2011: UTC RETAIL Introduces Gift Registry Application>

January 10, 2011: UTC RETAIL Introduces the 5100 Series>

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UTC RETAIL Ranks #1 in Rochester Top 100

Maui Nix Surf Shops Depends on UTC RETAIL's POS Automation Softward to Improve Profitability >

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NRF 2015 Conference & Expo, Retail's Big Show


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