Solution Deployment

Deploying new technology to stores can ultimately define the success or failure of a project. Proper planning and execution is critical for a smooth transition in the stores and minimal disruption to your business.

UTC RETAIL's solution deployment services include:

  • Integration
  • Staging
  • Testing
  • Rollout management
  • Expert installation and de-installation

UTC RETAIL's team of experts will be with you all the way until the solution is in place and fully operational, meeting your requirements.

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One of the big advantages of selecting UTC RETAIL as your retail solutions provider is our ability to deliver a total retail software, retail hardware, and retail service solution that is configured and tested to your requirements and guaranteed to operate once it hits the store floor.

UTC RETAIL allows you to focus on running your business while we worry about the details of delivering a total solution that's ready for installation and seamlessly integrates into your current technology infrastructure. UTC RETAIL's staging and integration services include:

  • Configure BIOS settings to your requirements
  • Configure all peripherals to your requirements
  • Loading of application software
  • Testing individual components of a system or the entire solution as it will be configured in your store
  • Over-pack or bulk packaging your solution to streamline the deployment / installation process
  • Device specific labeling, asset tagging, and pre-cabling

Leverage UTC RETAIL's staging and integration expertise to minimize or eliminate potential installation headaches or disruption to your operations.

Rollout Management 

UTC RETAIL works with you and the installation team to schedule and coordinate delivery dates. Our logistics specialists are experienced at rolling out dozens, hundreds, and thousands of systems. No matter what the scale of the deployment, we make sure your solution is packaged and delivered to the right locations to ensure on-time installation – every time.


We realize each client has different needs and no two deployments will be the same. Our deployment team works closely with your staff to develop an installation plan that meets your needs and minimizes the disruption to your business. 

UTC RETAIL provides a complete portfolio of installation services including:

  • On-site installation
  • Verification testing
  • Technical support
  • De-installation of old system
  • Disposal of old equipment in legal, environmentally safe manner
  • 24/7 execution
  • Staff training
  • Train the trainer 

The laws surrounding retiring electronics have changed dramatically in the past few years, especially with regard to Data Security and Environmental issues. UTC RETAIL is committed to doing its part. Technology asset disposition can represent significant expense, data risk, and potential civil and criminal liabilities to a corporation and its individual officers and managers. How a company manages the disposition of technology assets can significantly impact technology life-cycle costs and your total cost of ownership. 

UTC RETAIL's asset disposal service is based on a Risk Management model used by Fortune 1000 and larger regional companies for disposing assets.

Our asset disposal service is designed:

  • To act as a "firewall" protecting your company's reputation and its officers from potential environmental and legal liability when you dispose of electronics
  • To take ownership and title of your technology assets, thus becoming the legal "generator" of your waste
  • To provide a Waiver of Liability that clearly indemnifies and holds harmless our customers against any claims or suits, whether criminal or civil, or whether it has named the company or its officers individually

UTC RETAIL accepts most technology assets for disposal including but not limited to: Computer equipment and peripherals
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Hazardous electronic equipment