Gift Card and Loyalty

The UTC RETAIL Gift Card and Loyalty has one of the lowest total costs of ownership of all solutions on the market today. UTC RETAIL Gift Card and Loyalty promotes customer loyalty, increases sales, emulates interest-free loans, leaves retailers with unclaimed cash -- and eliminates all transaction fees. Designed by retail experts exclusively for the retail industry, UTC RETAIL Gift Card and Loyalty is a stand-alone solution you control -- with no transaction fees. It gives you total operational and marketing flexibility because you own the data and software. 

With robust features that cater to customer convenience and brand loyalty, UTC RETAIL Gift Card and Loyalty will generate new revenue streams and reduce lost sales. Use it to create extra value for your customers -- and greater profits for your operations.

UTC RETAIL Gift Card and Loyalty improves operational performance:

  • Drives sales because many recipients spend more than the value of their gift card.
  • Improves cash flow because you hold the funds until the card is redeemed.
  • Promotes your brand because your name is on the card.

UTC RETAIL Gift Card and Loyalty gives retailers valuable benefits:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Better control of data
  • Decrease sales audit labor
  • Replace difficult to verify lost paper certificates
  • Redeem through multiple channels: stores, web, catalog
  • Eliminate fraud, shrinkage

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