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UTC RETAIL Merchant is a fully integrated, enterprise wide retail merchandise management, catalog and Point of Sale solution.  Scalable to grow with your retail organization, UTC RETAIL Merchant provides robust functionality to meet the needs of the most demanding Buyers, Planners, Store Operations and Finance professionals.

By providing a solution where every element of the solution is designed to be fully synchronized throughout the application, we have eliminated the need for the costly integration of multiple product suites and their associated costs. This ensures that your organization is getting a single, concise and accurate view of the same information at the same time.  Future enhancements and upgrades to your system can be achieved easily with minimal operational impact to your business.

Easy to use and implement, UTC RETAIL Merchant can be in live operation in a matter of months, not years.  Your business can begin experiencing its benefits in a fraction of the time and (cost!) of other solutions.

Reducing the total cost of ownership on your investment, UTC RETAIL ensures that this seamless integration of data and systems will enable your retail business to grow and adapt to evolving business requirements.

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Open to Buy

UTC RETAIL Open2Buy is a merchandise planning system that analyzes inventory and sales data from your POS and merchandise management systems, providing the necessary information to accurately plan for your upcoming seasons.

•    Predict sales in each classification (most months with greater than 94% accuracy)
•    Establish the right inventory level in each classification
•    Provide specialized reporting to identify sales trends
•    Diagnose data and recommend actions to take including markdowns, transfers, etc…

UTC RETAIL Merchant Purchase Order, Receiving & Inventory Control

UTC RETAIL provides retailers with a clear view of their inventory at all levels, helping to identify when to restock fast-selling items and when to reduce stagnant inventory.  UTC RETAIL delivers a wide spectrum of tools to automate the purchase and replenishment process, allowing merchandisers to focus on other business critical issues.

•    Remote Purchase Order Entry
•    Inter-store Transfers
•    Stock Balancing
•    Auto PO Generation
•    Price/Quantity Verification
•    Automatic Stock Replenishment
•    EDI Support

UTC RETAIL Point of Sale

Point of Sale is the most important element of the retail process; the sales experience at store level will leave customers with a lasting impression of the retail brand. Retailers need to be equipped with more than just a cash register.  A complete Point of Service solution at checkout sets a clear differentiation amongst competing retailers.

UTC RETAIL delivers more than just a point of sale.  Equipped with powerful tools to help enhance the customer’s experience and a full range of functions to enable the sales team to drive sales, it will create clear differentiation in the minds of customers.

•    Layaways
•    Store credit
•    Cross sells/ up sells
•    In-store inventory tracking with quantities on-hand, on-order, and on-back order
•    Gift registry
•    Reason codes: tracking markdowns, paid in/out, returns
•    Special order handling
•    Customer capture/sales history
•    View inventory of other stores
•    Time and attendance (payroll interface)


UTC RETAIL Traffic is a store traffic analysis solution that combines time based traffic data and sales data into maximizing ROI on payroll, sales generation, advertising dollars, and real estate selection. 

UTC RETAIL Merchant Service & Repair

This module manages the business processes that take place in typical service and repair departments. It provides for the creation of work tickets and manages inventory, as typically seen in an alterations department or jewelry retailer.

UTC RETAIL Mobile Retail Suite

This solution suite is designed to provide retailers with a versatile, flexible and cost effective solution, performing key retail operations anywhere, anytime. UTC RETAIL Mobile retail solution provides powerful functions that improve business efficiency by providing real-time visibility into the measures that drive profitability. 

Mobile Inventory Management: Conduct on the fly inventory counts and adjustments by scanning new and/or existing items into the inventory count.

Mobile Price Management: Conduct price checks on items by original price, permanent price or sale price. Determine special promotional pricing by start date/end date and view the promotion type and discount value.

Mobile Stock Movement: Conduct key stock movement functions in and out of the store. (Purchase order receiving, store transfers, accept or void transfers)

Mobile Gift Registry: provides the flexibility and convenience of adding and updating gift registry items/purchases directly from the store floor.   Allows consumers’ access to the Registry via the web.

UTC RETAIL Merchant Remote Road Show

This system allows retailers to manage their inventory and sales transactions in a road show environment.  Perfect for special events, sidewalk or warehouse sales; this application supports full inventory management and reconciliation, sales and credit card processing.


UTC RETAIL Merchant Order Fulfillment
Order Fulfillment across multiple channels is challenging for an enterprise. Getting the merchandise quickly and accurately into the hands of the customer is essential in securing the sale and leaving the customer with a positive experience.

UTC RETAIL supports the pick, pack and ship functions for eCommerce and Catalog (Phone) order fulfillment, including an interface to UPS World Ship for shipping management. With UTC RETAIL’s Remote Order Fulfillment retailers can route orders immediately, allowing fulfillment from a warehouse, DC or another store based on your fulfillment strategy.

•    Real time order communication between all locations
•    Automated order routing based upon proximity to ship to address
•    Order consolidation
•    Packing list creation
•    Integration to Service and Repair Module for value added processes
•    Track items in boxes
•    UPS World Ship interface

UTC RETAIL Merchant Catalog Order Entry

The UTC RETAIL Catalog/Order Processing module allows retailers to utilize a common merchandise management system to support both retail stores and catalog/order processing requirements. This module includes enhanced capabilities for catalog processing, customer order tracking, customer specific retail pricing and promotions.

UTC RETAIL Visions - Dynamic Retail Analytics

Being able to have a clear view of results, ranging from overall business performance to that of a single SKU, can give retailers a jump on the competition. Dynamic retail analytics aids in real-time decision support and allows a retailer to be proactive on stock turns, next season buy-ins, and even gauge the success of in-store promotions.


With Visions, users have direct access to “actionable” data within Merchant, either locally or remotely. This allows the user to quickly study a wide variety of retail metrics, including IMU, MMU, GMROI, Sell Through, Weeks of Stock, and Inventory Turns. The data can also be presented in a broad range of formats, such as dashboards, multi-dimensional cubes, lists, reports and spreadsheets. Visions allows the user to change views and sorts without involving IT resources. Additionally, data can be easily exported for use outside the system, or converted in to PDF format for instant email distribution.


Visions has been designed to be easy to use and allows the user to: 

• Access and save views of information in the format meaningful to them,
• Drill down from high-level views or cubes to the transactional detail,
• Create and distribute charts and graphs that provide the information team members and management can quickly comprehend and act on,
• See only the information that is appropriate to each individual's role.


UTC RETAIL’s Visions is the tool that allows retailers to take full advantage of the information available in their enterprise system.  With a more timely decision making process, retailers are better able to effectively identify and exploit any trends or competitive advantages.

UTC RETAIL Merchant Cross Channel

As an Application Programming Interface (API) solution, Merchant Cross Channel (MCC) is designed to give any sales channel, including third party e-commerce or mobile applications, the ability to interact in real-time with the Merchant system. This includes access to item querying, inventory availability, pricing, customer management, and order management.

For a retailer looking to deploy an omni-channel solution, MCC provides the following benefits:

• Eliminates separate application silos by providing a single solution with a common process and data for item information, inventory, pricing, promotions, and order fulfillment.
• Provides a centralized, enterprise‚Äźwide customer history data repository, allowing retailers to analyze customer purchase behavior patterns and enabling better customer targeting for promotions.
• Offers a common inventory system, which helps to reduce excess inventory and out-of-stocks situations within all channels.

MCC provides the retailer with one place to manage items, pricing, inventory, and customer orders, regardless of the channels in which it sells. This creates greater operating efficiencies and assists the retailer in making proactive business decisions, by seeing sales and inventory information for all its channels in one place. MCC is in addition to Merchant’s existing point-of-sale and catalog functionality, and provides a platform to support true omni-channel retailing.

UTC RETAIL Merchant Financial Bridge

Connecting to the right financial package can make the difference between profit and loss. Being able to work with a package that is right for the business can make implementing new software, new merchandise, new lines, much easier with the ability to pull up “the books” with confidence.

UTC RETAIL provides an interface to financial packages, such a QuickBooks, Great Plains, or MAS-90, supporting the general ledger and accounts payable functions as well as Merchant sales, markdowns, returns, cost of goods sold, payables, tender types and amounts and vendor information.

•    Define profit centers down to the item level within location if desired
•    Sales, mark-downs, returns and COGS
•    Tenders by tender type
•    Paid in-paid outs
•    Invoice payables and vendor data

Pay Link

UTC RETAIL’s PayLink is a payment capture application designed to integrate into any store environment. PayLink contains all the payment processing logic and is the only UTC RETAIL software that is subject to PA-DSS certification.  By reducing recertification costs, UTC RETAIL reduces retailers’ operating costs while helping to ensure compliance and security.