Point-of-Sale Software


UTC RETAIL’s POS-J Point of Sale solution is a best of breed store application suite offering a full-featured, easy-to-use register system backed by a host of powerful administrative applications. Built using the power of Java and designed to allow retailers to operate efficiently in almost any store environment, UTC RETAIL POS-J is engineered for rapid scalability.

UTC RETAIL POS J offers the best of everything - valuable functionality designed to enhance customer service and store efficiency and a Java based application designed for retailers wanting to minimize their store systems investment in hardware technology.

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Freedom of Choice

POS-J takes full advantage of the latest in leading edge industry technologies by being 100% Java-based. This empowers retailers to build a solid infrastructure using the tools of their choice.  UTC RETAIL POS –J allows retailers to choose any commercial or open source products (OS, web server, browser, and database), thus minimizing overhead and reducing the total cost of ownership of your environment.
By offering this IT-friendly architecture retailers have the flexibility of fitting into virtually any store environment and using the appropriate hardware, thick or thin, as needed for the job at hand.

Solution Features:

  • PA- DSS certified
  • Database/Browser/OS independent
  • Flexible deployment architecture
  • Real-time data messaging  
  • Object-oriented software design reduces customization time and effort
  • Open API's for easy integration with other third-party solutions
  • Ergonomic register interface makes cashiers more productive

UTC RETAIL’s POS-J Point of Sale solution offers best of breed store functionality in an easy-to-use register system.  Ease of training is an important focus at UTC RETAIL and we understand that POS system users have some of the highest turnover positions in retail.  As a result, the POS interface is designed for easy training and consistent transaction flow.  Virtually any user can master the application in minutes.

Solution Features:

  • Cross-store inventory lookup by item and style
  • Customizable customer lookup
  • Customer capture & sales history
  • Centralized returns processing
  • Layaways
  • Special order handling
  • Omni-channel "baskets"
  • Reason codes: tracking markdowns, paid in/out, returns
  • Sales tax management with overrides for tax-free days
  • Gift receipts
  • EMV and mobile payment support
  • Viewable item image
  • Line item discounts
  • Non-inventory sales
  • Split tenders
  • Suspend Transactions/Sales
  • POS Alerts


UTC RETAIL’s POS-J Point of Sale solution offers a complement of back office administrative applications necessary to efficiently and effectively manage your retail operations.  These easy to use back office functions, available at the register or in the back room, enable your managers to work on administrative tasks while still monitoring the store floor.

Solution Features:

  • Promotions management
  • Multiple price book support
  • Loss prevention controls
  • Time clock and payroll capture
  • Store labor scheduling
  • Detailed store activity reporting
  • Daily balancing, bank deposit reporting
  • Electronic Journal