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UTC RETAIL offers end-to-end solutions that help retailers significantly improve their business performance. For over 27 years UTC RETAIL has partnered with our clients to understand their needs, providing guidance and solutions that have helped them to profitably grow their business operations.

We help clients to achieve this goal by providing retail solutions that streamline merchandise and store operations while enhancing customer management throughout their enterprise and across all customer channels. The primary results of our solutions include greater operational efficiency, better customer relationships and improved profitability.


Innovative Solutions
Retail clients can choose from our enterprise-wide, multi-channel merchandising management systems, our stand alone store automation application or our no fee gift card system.

In all cases, our proven hardware and service solutions complement these offerings, adding exponential value over the life of the solution.



Proven Success
UTC RETAIL has a commitment to understand advanced retail practices in the market and provide them to our customers. UTC RETAIL helps hundreds of retailers grow their businesses by collaboratively working towards achieving many of their key strategic goals such as:
  • Reducing inventory levels without compromising sales
  • Distributing inventory faster, smarter and on time
  • Increasing the value per transaction, thus increasing sales volume
  • Eliminating multiple vendors and associated costs by using UTC RETAIL for both hardware and software needs
  • Using thin architecture in deploying hardware technology, minimizing investments and thereby reducing energy consumption, to become a greener retailer



CEO Sam Villanti holds the trophy while UTC RETAIL receives top honors during the 28th Annual Rochester Top 100 Gala Luncheon. Check out this video for more details on how our solid teamwork and exceptional products helped us to be ranked as #1. 


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