Clutch Marketing Platform

Clutch Marketing Platform

UTC RETAIL has partnered with the Clutch Data + Marketing platform to provide a completely integrated Point of Sale and Customer Marketing Solution.  In addition to the outstanding marketing tools provided by Clutch, the ReadySTORE integration enhances the customer experience in real-time at the point of sale by providing targeted promotions and loyalty interactions.

Retailers utilize the Clutch Platform integrated with ReadySTORE to retain and grow their customer base through sophisticated data analytics, personalized loyalty communication and rules-based, triggered and scheduled campaign management.  Communicate with your customers through mobile conversations, email and direct mail with custom templates using AB Testing, segmentation, personalization.


  • Identify, Understand and Motivate
    Know your customers across all buying channels and marketing touchpoints.  Leverage complete data to accelerate behavior change and drive customers to the next best outcome.
  • Go beyond one-size-fits-all loyalty
    Personal, flexible loyalty programs allow you to collect better customer data, which leads to better marketing and increased engagement.  Higher engagement drives long-standing customer loyalty and results in higher revenue.
  • Mobile Messaging
    Take advantage of the most direct line to your customers. Provide rich content with visual formats including image, video, and GIF. Create, distribute and manage offers for Apple Wallet and Google Pay.
  • Email Marketing
    Stop bombarding your customers with generic email blasts. Increase engagement with personalized messages that leverage real-time information. Optimize any aspect of your campaign by experimenting and iterating over time.
  • Stored Value
    Improve the customer experience by issuing and redeeming value across channels: e-commerce, in-store and mobile.  Our comprehensive solution can be utilized for gift card, merchandise credit and promotions capabilities.