Electronics Recycling Program

Several U.S. states require manufacturers to provide programs for no-charge product recycling for certain electronic equipment that they have manufactured and sold.  Electronic equipment includes computer systems and/or some types of computer peripherals.

UTC RETAIL participates in a number of recycling programs, including programs in certain states where individuals can ship their UTC RETAIL logoed computer products and peripherals through UPS back to UTC RETAIL for recycling.

Prior to returning your electronics equipment for recycling, you are respponsible for removing all personal of confidential information from system hardwares.  UTC RETAIL and its suppliers are not repsonsible for erasing, removing or deleting any personal or confidential information or data from returned hard drives.  You may remove the hard drive before submitting your computer for recycling.  Some states provide guidance, as well as the names of particuler data wiping software products, on their website program pages or in Frequently Asked Questions about their programs.

Please call UTC RETAIL at (888) 537-9297 (and press 2) or email at support@utcretail.com for information on whether UTC RETAIL has a program for your state.  Once it is determined that a program exists for your state, UTC RETAIL will then work with you and send a shipping label for you covered electronic equipment for recycling.  Pack equipment in original packaging when retuirning equipment.  If the original packaging no longer exists, UTC RETAIL can work with you to provide alternative packaging.