ReadyCLOUD hosting services, provided by UTC RETAIL, leverages cloud computing and infrastructure to provide the ability for the ReadySTORE POS solution to be fully hosted and managed off-premise from the retailers corporate or store locations.  UTC RETAIL conducts all hosting configuration, installation and management services that, when combined with the proven technology, flexibility and reliability of cloud platforms, results in significant cost reductions and reduced overhead requirements for retailers.


  • Cloud computing managed by UTC RETAIL
    Allows you to focus on your business, not on managing technology
  • Real time connectivity to your dedicated server in the cloud  
    Only one version of the truth
  • Customer specific instances
    All the benefits of the cloud but with each customers unique configuration and requirements
  • Thin Store
    No more store servers to purchase and maintain
  • Extreme Reliability
    Guaranteed monthly uptime of at least 99.99%
  • Scalable with growth
    Increase server memory and capacity on demand
  • Highest level of flexibility
    Never tied to a specific server technology stack
  • Financially Beneficial
    Predictable cost modeling with lower TCO than purchasing and managing dedicated on-premise servers