Software Integration & Extension

UTC RETAIL Software Integration and Extension

UTC RETAIL Software applications are extremely configurable.  However, every retailer is unique.  Our application development team excels at translating your unique requirements and business goals into store systems functionality, extending your store identity and customer engagement strategy through the POS.

FEATURES and benefits

  • Software Extensions 
    Retailers who require extensions are still entitled to base upgrades. Custom code is kept physically separate (but not branched) from base code.   This technique allows extended modules to be easily migrated to new base releases
  • Database Conversions and Data Migrations  
    Seamless transition for your customers with a long sales history and critical loyalty activity
  • Application Integrations 
    ReadyStore is designed to streamline integrations with enterprise systems.  The SOA design lets the retailer access the entire data model across the entire chain from a single centralized point.
  • Formal Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Process
    Product requirements definition > Detailed Specification > Development > Unit Testing > Code Review > Technical Documentation > Quality Assurance > Managerial Approval > Software Release > User Acceptance Testing > Support & Maintenance