ReadyStore Gift Card & Loyalty

UTC RETAIL ReadySTORE Gift Card and Loyalty

ReadySTORE Gift Card and Loyalty has one of the lowest total costs of ownership of all solutions on the market today. Designed by retail experts exclusively for the retail industry, ReadySTORE Gift Card and Loyalty is a stand-alone solution you control. It gives you total operational and marketing flexibility because you own the data and software.

With robust features that cater to customer convenience and brand loyalty, ReadySTORE Gift Card and Loyalty will generate new revenue streams and reduce lost sales. Use it to create extra value for your customers -- and greater profits for your operations.

FEATURES and benefits

  • Licensed solution; integrated with ReadyStore or use standalone with your  POS solution  
    No transaction fees; you own the data. Transactions never leave your network.
  • Choice of Database, OS, and Browser – open source or commercial 
    Reduce the total cost of ownership of your environment and utilize your current skillset.
  • Maintain Gift Cards, Merchandise Credits and Loyalty Points in one solution  
    All customer loyalty data stored in a single location.
  • Supports points-based promotions (e.g.,Triple points on pants this weekend) 
    Promotions applied automatically without knowledge or intervention of cashier.
  • Configurable loyalty levels and apply discounts based on level (e.g.,10% off shoes for Platinum customers)  
    Creates loyal customers that spend more to get more.