UTC RETAIL Introduces 2190 POS Touchscreen Workstation

Jan 10, 2017

UTC RETAIL announced the introduction of its 2190 POS all-in-one touch workstation. The 2190 is UTC RETAIL’s latest offering within the 2100 family of products.

“UTC RETAIL has an exceptional reputation of providing proven, retail hardened solutions,” said Sam Villanti , President and CEO for UTC RETAIL.“ We are able to achieve this through the design and manufacture of POS hardware that is solid, cost effective and takes advantage of the latest technology. The 2190 is no exception and extends our long-standing history of delivering truly durable POS platforms to the retail marketplace.”

As with its predecessor, the 2190 incorporates a small footprint with fanless technology. The unit also offers the option of either a Resistive touchscreen or Projected Capacitive (PCAP), which allows for full multi-touch application support (e.g., swipe, pin ch to zoom, etc.). The 2190 inc orporates the powerful Intel® technology platform, Skylake, and supports a variety of Microsoft® Windows® operating systems, including 7 Professional, POSReady 7, 10 Professional and IoT Enterprise. Other optional features include SATA or solid state drives, an integrated customer display and a large 10.4” customer facing rear video display. With all of these available options, the new 2190 platform allows each retailer to build a compact solution that best fits for their business and incorporates all the benefits available from the very latest in technology.