UTC RETAIL's POS-J Omni-Channel Transaction Basket Improves Customer Engagement across All Selling Channels

Jan 09, 2017

Our customer, a known home accessories specialty retail chain, has begun a rollout a new store concept that presents the store as a showroom, allowing them to meet with their customers in a highly consultative manner. They are also taking this concept into their customers’ homes and providing in-home consultations, including processing the order and tendering the transaction in the home. To implement this new concept, they turned to UTC RETAIL and our POS-J Point of Sale software and our unique Omni-Channel Transaction Basket to provide a single view of orders across multiple selling channels.

UTC RETAIL’s POS-J Point of Sale software is integrated with our customer’s custom configurator, allowing associates to present color and pattern templates, process custom orders and complete the sales transaction and payment on multiple devices, including in-store fixed POS terminals, in-store iPad tablets and in-home iPad tablets. By utilizing POS-J’s Omni- Channel Transaction Basket to move the order, or the Basket, back and forth between their configurator and POS-J they are able to provide an exceptional level of customer engagement. They also plan to use the POS-J solution in their centralized call center. The POS-J architecture, which uses the exact same code base for fixed and mobile POS applications, substantially reduces the cost to operate, support and train associates across multiple selling channels.