Winretail Merchandising

WinRetail Merchandise Management

WinRetail is a fully integrated, enterprise-wide retail merchandise management, catalog and e-commerce solution.  Scalable to grow with your retail organization, WinRetail provides robust functionality to meet the needs of the most demanding Buyers and Planners, as well as Operations and Finance professionals.

By providing a solution where every element of the solution is designed to be fully synchronized throughout the application, we have eliminated the need for the costly integration of multiple product suites and their associated costs. This ensures that your organization is getting a single, concise and accurate view of the same information at the same time.  Future enhancements and upgrades to your system can be achieved easily with minimal operational impact to your business.

FEATURES and benefits

  • Easy to use and implement. Integrated with ReadyStore POS
    Go live in months instead of years and realize return on investment sooner than with other solutions.
  • Windows-based design incorporates wizard-style decision boxes 
    Utilize your current skillset and reduce training time and expense.
  • Robust Business Analytics and Power Reporting 
    Buyers can create their own reports as needed.  Make decisions and take action without IT involvement.
  • Multiple images, web content and optional hosted web store 
    Get up and running on the web quickly with simple tools.
  • Open-to-Buy, Allocation and Assortment planning tools  
    Integrated planning tools mean one version of the truth.
  • Purchase Order Management and Replenishment tools 
    Whether you are making one-time fashion buys or recurring orders for basics, ordering is simple.